mandag 10. mai 2010

My heart is divided...

In 31 days I will arrive in Brazilian soil after 10 months away from home. Then, I will have the chance to hug the people I love most in these world again! I have been missing them so much! I have been missing Brazil so much...

I miss my dogs, my house, my beautiful city with its beautiful and warm weather during most part of the year. I miss to drive. I miss brazilian barbecue, mandioca,vinagrete, rice and beans, guaraná antártica, fresh fruit juices, pastel frito, salgadinhos and even traffic! It is very good to think I will go back to my nornal routine among my beloved people in one month..

In the other hand my heart gets sad when I think about saying good bye to Norway... I will miss bluebarry yogurt, brown cheese, kjotkakker and melksjokolade! I will definitly miss the joy of go trough 4 different and amazing seasons. I will miss leaving in a millenar city founded by vikings. I will miss Hald and the best teachers I have ever had. I will miss the amazing Norwegian landscape and most of all, I will miss the friends I got to know in these part of the globe. It is hard to say goodbye to them and Im already missing the ones I left in Trondheim almost 4 weeks ago. It is sad and painful to miss people but it means that I have some valuabe people around and that is a blessing!

It is going to be a relief not having 3 languages in my mind anymore and being able to use the one that can express myself better - I cant wait to understand every single world people are saying around me without a huge concentration effort! In the other hand it is sad that the Norwegian language is not going to be a part of my daily life anymore and what I learned is gonna be placed somewhere in my brain and probabily forgotten trough the years.

After 9 months I have realized that Norway could be home and I could be happy here. However, Norway is not home, for God has planted me in the tropical country called Brazil and I will live there until He calls me to somewhere else and to my real home with Him.

Now, what I can do is to tank Him for the chance He gave me in another culture because this year was magical and the most extraordinary year I have ever lived so far. But is about to end now and I have to move to next step in my Earthly life.

While I wait for the moment to say good bye to Norway, I listen to my delicious Bossa Nova songs, the kind of music that says so much about this beautiful tropical and complex country I was born and makes me feel like dancing in a warm beach!

Norway, I will miss you!
Brasil, eu te amo!!!!!

3 kommentarer:

Fred sa...

Namorada maravilhosa, brasileiríssima e graças a Deus cristã!!! Muito gostoso ler o seu texto...
fico pensando que ao poder te enxergar, agora ainda mais, quando nos encontrarmos no aeroporto vou ficar bem (corretamente) apaixonado!!!!
Amo você.

Anonym sa...

Erica:) This was a nice blog-post. I'm glad you had a good time in Norway, and now after coming home from Kenya, I really understand the sentes "There's no place like home".

God bless you, and He has a big plan for you in your life:)

Ana sa...

Você sentindo falta de tanta coisa e nós sentindo falta de apenas uma.. você!