tirsdag 15. juni 2010

There is no place like home...

Its crowded
Its messy
Its unfaire
Its dangeours
Its underdeveloped
Its full of unjustice

But is home

Its sunny

And its the place Im used to be and I want to help to make it better and faire!

Im really happy to be back, even though I miss Norway and always will :)

torsdag 3. juni 2010

The colors of the Summer...

Since I was born and raised in a tropical country, I never apreciated Summer as a special Season. However, after spending nearly a year in a cold country like Norway I just realized how magical and blessed the Summer actually is!

When the sun is shining all day everything around gets a special color and the green of the trees is shining as long as the day lasts. The birds that came back during the Spring are singing more then never and the sky has a very beautiful blue colour and almost no clouds. The flowers are falling and giving all kinds of colors to the ground and the relfex of the sun in the water is just like bilions of diamonds shining together.

However, what is more special about Summer time is the joy that comes when the days are lasting longer then the nigths and the temperature is warm enough to go out in t-shirts. People are hanging out outside and the streets are not empty or quiet anymore.

We can hear the kids playing and they are so noisy as the birds! The joy that comes with the Summer makes all the cold and silence of the Winter vanish and the world seems colorful and happy once more!

Indeed, Summer is a blessing and brings me the familiar sensation of being home. I have missed it a lot and it feels really good to have it back! Tank you God for Summer!