lørdag 31. juli 2010

Back to the comfort zone

Its been nearly two months since Im back home and I am a mess. Its great to be back among my beloved ones and Im having a relaxing time without three languages in my mind. Its confortable being able to understand all the cultural codes and being among people that know me for years, but that is freaking me out. I was missing my comfort zone nearly as much as I missed people back home, but now that I have it, I fear it. I fear forgeting the great and important lessons God taught me during my time abroad. I fear stop being that person I became when I was far away from everyone I knew. I fear leting things start being the same they were before. Its impossible to find words to describe how it is to be so far away from home and learning so many things every singe day. It was hard and painful, but now it feels empty without all those challenges I had to face in my year abroad. I want it again and again and again. I dont want to get used to my comfort zone and miss my focus in this life. I want to persue eternal things. I want to start learning a new language from the begining and become fluently. I want to learn to respect a new culture. I want to learn the value of every single moment I live and most of all, I want to learn to love different people and see them as my siblings in Christ. That is the most precious experience anyone could get in this life and Im so gratfull because I had it once. Im looking forward to have it again.

Is it possible to avoid the comfort zone at home? I guess so, I just didnt figure out how to do that yet.